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Thread: Pink Eye

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    Senior Member Maness Maness's Avatar

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    Pink Eye

    Speaking of hygiene.

    expletive people who go to school or out in public and DONT WASH their god damned hands when they KNOW they have pink eye and have been rubbing that shit.

    This annoys the shit out of me, there goes my god damned weekend.

    There are only two things that annoy me about college, writing papers, and people who fucking spread illnesses.

    I got it at my community college a year or two back too.

    And whats worse is some people still try and act like its some serious thing and you must be dealing with some shady shit when its not that serious.

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    Senior Member DIRT NASTY DIRT NASTY's Avatar

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    I don't know if I have pink eye or what but my eye has been red the last few days.

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    Senior Member OEM OEM's Avatar

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    I got it once when I was 5 or 6. I woke up and my eye was stuck to my pillow.

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    Senior Member ninja 6 ninja 6's Avatar

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    Re: (OEM)

    you know whats worse?

    getting jock itch/ringworm/athlete's foot from some bitch who doesn't shower and doesn't use towels at the gym and sweats heavily.


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